Философия Mayfair

In our beauty club, the time and individuality of each guest is highly valued, so we provide the opportunity to sign up for several procedures in parallel: while the stylist is working on the shape of your hairstyle, the manicure master tidies up your nails, sitting at a specially equipped table.
There is no hairdressing salon here, its place is taken by four cozy rooms where the master works with the client one-on-one. In such an environment, you can feel free to ask to paint over gray hair and pinch your eyebrows – delicate procedures are best done without prying eyes.

Our advantages


Personalized service
Each procedure is carried out in a separate VIP room tete-a-tete with a master. We value the privacy of our guests


Wide range of services
In our arsenal there are many services for hair, face and body care. We will definitely find what you need exactly.


All inclusive for you
A special loyalty program for regular customers. System of bonuses and compliments + freebar.


Salons that are easy to find
The convenient location of our salons makes it easy to find them. In addition, each salon has a parking lot for our guests.


Professional cosmetics
In our salon we use only high-quality certified cosmetics of premium brands.


Masters of the highest qualification
In order to keep up with modern trends and guarantee the quality of the services provided, our masters regularly attend seminars and improve their qualifications.