Denis loves his work and his clients. He considers the main thing in his work to bring happiness to people, happiness, self-confidence, and sometimes even provide psychological help and support.
Included in the TOP 4 of the best barbers of the capital according to the editions of GQ and Esquire.
Proficiency in Tony & Guy, Pivot Point, Dolores.

Hereditary barber of an international class. His clients are often businessmen and politicians who appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship of the master.

A master with tremendous experience and love for work, which is visible in everything he does, be it a simple haircut or complex coloring. He will calmly and courteously listen to you and without further ado, he will pick up an image that will make you smile while looking in the mirror. He owns the techniques of Pivat point, Dolores, Vidal Sassoon, razor cutting technique, in addition to all of the above, Suren has developed his own unique technique that guarantees a high-quality result.

A profession for me is not just a job – it is an art with a long history of centuries. It is the intersection of creative talent and love for one’s neighbor. During my long practice in my favorite profession, I have developed my own style of communication with clients, where I pay special attention to their inner world and wishes. Through the color, shape and quality of hair, I help a person see himself in a new way. The theme of color is my main focus. I pay great attention to dyeing technology and hair quality. With attention and special care I will select a haircut for even the smallest guest of the salon.
Svetlana is a graduate of Oleg Fedorov’s school. She has repeatedly improved her qualifications with leading specialists from Russia and Europe. Haircut techniques: Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Gay. I work with Kevin Murphy, Kydra & Fabulosso brands.

Olesya is an unusually gifted hairdresser-stylist. In the profession since 2000. From early childhood, she was always attracted to engage in beauty and creativity. The choice of profession was predetermined and Olesya began her start with the Dolores Academy. And she never doubted that she had chosen the right path.
This creative profession captures her completely when a client comes with confidence. She can create harmonious holistic images, acting in the interests of the client. Thanks to her studies at Vidal Sassoon Academy and Toni & Guy Academy, she learned to skillfully combine dyeing techniques, choose one or another geometric shape of a haircut, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client, not using patterns, using her emphasis and unique skill, developed over the years.
Olesya is a gorgeous colorist, she will not only select and balance hair color based on the shade of your skin and eyes, but will also help to correct other people’s mistakes, remove shortcomings, and realize your wishes. She is equally successful at dyeing, blonding, highlighting, as well as haircuts and diverse styling, turning all her works into a work of art.
Customers have long been fond of her, proving their loyalty by constant visits, which have turned into many years of friendship.

A professional in his field, a unique master stylist-colorist. Victoria has been in the profession for more than 10 years and plunged into it headlong. She can professionally make an amazing evening hairstyle, as well as perform the most complex coloring and highlighting in various techniques, such as shatush, balayazh, “air touch” – everything that is so in demand today. It is also worth noting that, unlike many masters, Victoria is engaged in bio-curling, makes long-lasting treatments and owns the Italian technology of hair micro-extensions, which is a rarity in our time.
Despite such a track record, Victoria does not get hung up on what she has learned and is constantly improving herself, attends trainings and seminars, wanting to learn new techniques and trends in order to choose the most suitable and coloring image for you, which will not leave anyone indifferent. After all, this is the most important thing for Victoria – to find an individual approach to each client!

Sona is a perfectionist in everything and will make your nails perfect!