Salon on Petrovskiy Pereulok

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Salon in Petrovskiy Pereulok

Meet the “star” – the new CATIOVITAL CELLULAR ENERGY facial apparatus – an alternative and ideal addition to aesthetic medicine procedures such as botulinum toxin injections, mesotherapy, laser rejuvenation and other invasive methods.

In modern conditions of rapidly developing aesthetic medicine and intense competition in professional cosmetology, MARY COHR offers the best innovative benefits for its partners!

The grandiose presentation of the updated modification of the CatioVital Lift Cellular Energy device was a big surprise for all guests of the presentation for partners in Russia “MARY COHR: 40 years of leadership and innovation. A look into the future”. Trainer from France Sandrine Carlier and Anna Skomarovskaya (General Director and Chief Physician of the Clinical Training Center of the SELDIS Group of Companies) presented to the guests not only the possibilities of application, but the scientific substantiation of all the competitive advantages of the updated hardware method CatioVital Lift CE.
A completely modernized hardware system without invasive interventions and completely safe physiotherapeutic methods allows you to raise the potential of each skin cell to the maximum and launch global processes of resource healing of the skin and its rejuvenation at the level of cellular mitochondria.

The novelty, like its predecessor model, is equipped with 3 functions that have now become much more efficient and convenient for specialists:

▶ The new thermal mask of the device is automatically heated from the start of the procedure and now has a more advanced anatomical shape.
▶ The implementation of dynamic ionization with automatic polarity switching caused an absolute delight among practicing specialists: now there is no need to change the electrodes in their hands – the device automatically switches them during the procedure. This innovation also allows charged active ingredients to be delivered more efficiently deep into the skin for a quicker effect.
▶ The new patented Modulated Neuromuscular Activation feature opens up entirely new possibilities for facial contouring professionals in the prevention and treatment of deep wrinkles and gravitational ptosis.
The dermo-aesthetic anti-age program CatioLift maintains and restores tone, shortens the length and increases the volume of the muscles-elevators, which provides natural lifting and keeps a “live” face with clear contours in patients of MARY COHR beauty centers for many years.

In case of contraindications or unwillingness to use botulinum toxin, the new CatioLift procedures become, perhaps, the only comparable in effect and completely safe alternative.

The CatioVital Lift Cellular Energy device is a real “trainer” and guide of the cosmetologist, now it additionally guarantees to all our clients an impeccable, precise execution of each procedure, improves the skills of the cosmetologist and optimizes the time of the procedure.

External “space” design of the new generation of the CatioVital Lift Cellular Energy MARY COHR device, a modern control system for parameters of all functions and an internal interactive screen with broadcasting of videos of all MARY COHR dermoaesthetic procedures in real time, the procedure is an excellent tool for a cosmetologist!